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The North Lincolnshire Data Observatory provides this service for information purposes only. The North Lincolnshire Data Observatory is maintained and supported by North Lincolnshire Council and seeks to meet the highest standard of quality information and every attempt has been made to present up to date and accurate information. No legal responsibility is accepted by North Lincolnshire Council for any errors, omissions or misleading statements nor for the misuse or misinterpretation of any information and offers no warranty to its accuracy or completeness. North Lincolnshire Council accepts no liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of reliance on the information given on the North Lincolnshire Data Observatory website. North Lincolnshire Council is not responsible for, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of information held on sites that it does not manage, nor should the inclusion of a hyperlink be taken to mean endorsement by North Lincolnshire Council of the site to which it points.


Material provided by any 3rd party is likely to be the copyright material of the author. Permission to copy or otherwise use such material must be obtained from the author.


The Ordnance Survey mapping included within this website is provided by North Lincolnshire Council under licence from the Ordnance Survey in order to fulfil its public function to make available Council and Partner Agencies held public domain information. Persons viewing this mapping should contact Ordnance Survey copyright for advice where they wish to licence Ordnance Survey mapping/map data for their own use. The OS website can be found at

Ordnance Survey

Maps on this site are based upon Ordnance Survey material with the permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office © Crown Copyright Licence Number 0100023560. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings.

Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000

The Freedom of Information Act provides everyone with a general right of access to the information held by Public Authorities. We are committed to the Freedom of Information Act, and through the North Lincolnshire Data Observatory we will promote and provide easy access to a comprehensive range of statistical and demographic information for the North Lincolnshire region. We recognise the importance of privacy to every person, and to ensure and maintain this, the information and data available through the North Lincolnshire Data Observatory has been aggregated and anonymised to ensure no specific person can be identified. Where data relates to a small number of people the statistics have been adjusted, therefore totals for small areas may differ compared to the overall figure.

Personal Information

North Lincolnshire Data Observatory does not hold personal identifiable record level data.