Welcome to the Annual Public Health Report 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Annual Public Health Report for North Lincolnshire. This report is from the Director of Public Health for North Lincolnshire, Frances Cunning. The report highlights the current challenges affecting the health of the local population and allows for specific recommendations to be made on local agencies to address these challenges.

This report follows the principle of focussing on a single theme that was first used in the 2014 report. This year the focus is on smoking and tobacco control. There are strong reasons for this focus; smoking is the single biggest cause of premature death and ill health confronting our residents and right now, is the greatest threat to public health.

We have achieved much in preventing the harm caused by smoking locally but there is still much to do and with concerted effort we could make a real difference. The recommendations that are made in this report will help to make this difference. We will report on the progress made in next year's report and the progress made against last year's recommendations is in this report.

This report is also entirely web based, all previous reports have been in manuscript form (available in PDF format through the links below). Large sections of text and statistics have been replaced by infographics and videos and we hope that this makes this report more accessible to a wider audience.

Please use the movable slider below to navigate your way through the chapters of this report